Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ha'Mevin Yavin --- Where to start

I am an amateur compared to the great counter-missionaries out there, protecting the Jewish people from spiritual assimilation. For anyone interested in knowing why Jews correctly reject Jesus, here are some good essays.

An answer from Rabbi Shraga Simmons.

An answer from Rabbi Stuart Federow.

An answer from Ohr Somayach.

An answer from Rabbi Tovia Singer.

I would ask anyone who wishes to continue this debate to please read and digest these materials so as to provide a basis on which to speak. The only thing stopping you is fear.


The Emess said...

There's also amazing audio that's all FREE on Rabbi Singer's site... great for loading on the Ipod. You'll listen intently, I promise.

Mad Zionist said...

Incredible dynamic going on here. BK, you have done phenominal work and I am putting up this link on my site.