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Why Messianic "Judaism" is anti-semitic

Christianity has certainly produced the most virulent and bitter form of anti-semitism, laying the seeds for the deadly Nazi hatred. After WWII, most Christian denominations repudiated all forms of anti-semitism. Gone are the days when Christian saints denounced the Jews as "slayers of the Lord, murderers of the prophets, adversaries of G-d, men who show contempt for the Law, foes of grace, enemies of their fathers’ faith, advocates of the Devil, brood of vipers, slanderers, scoffers, men whose minds are in darkness, leaven of the Pharisees, assembly of demons, sinners, wicked men, stoners, and haters of righteousness.” Mainstream Catholic and Protestant sects no longer seek to convert Jews and have accepted that Judaism represents a legitimate path to spirituality and salvation. While there has been some controversy about the Vatican's decision to return to a medieval prayer text calling for G-d to lift the blindness of the eyes of the Jews, one would be hardpressed to find Catholic priests donning Jewish garb in an attempt to "witness" to them. Despite all of this, there remains one major Christian denomination that, at the same time as claiming to be Israel' greatest friend, is doing it a great deal of harm.

Messianic and Evangelical Christianity claims in theory to recognize the unique relationship that the Jewish people have with G-d while in practice teaching that Judaism is worthless unless Jews accept christ ie. become Christians. They have the audacity to reject three millenia of Jewish law, tradition and teaching and claim their own version of pseudo-Judaism as authentic. Messianics keep shabbat, kashrut, wear talleisim and kippot in an attempt to misguide Jews, even though they believe that only faith in christ can bring salvation. They in essence hold Judaism to be of no value and completely illegitimate. Even though Judaism today is at its core the same Judaism practiced by Moses, Joshua, David and Jeremiah, they mock it as "the teaching of men", call the rabbis "a brood of vipers" and "Pharisees" and repeat many of the classic anti-Jewish lies about us being blinded by Satan. In short, they may claim to love Jews but without a doubt have nothing but hatred and contempt for Judaism. They reject Jewish teachings and requirements and have set up their own standards for what is Judaism, although 99% of Jews for the past two thousand years have decided that faith in Jesus is not Jewish. Messianic and Evangelical Christianity disdainfully rejects Judaism as empty, idiosyncratic and law-based. Basically, it sees nothing of value in it and with a wave of their arrogant hands, dismisses the world's most ancient religious ideology.

There are literally billions of non-Christians in this world. Millions of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists have never had the chance to be "saved". There are millions of lapsed Catholics, Episcopalians, Anglicans as well as "heathen" J's Witnesses and Mormons in the US, in the Evangelical's backyards. Nonetheless, they choose to direct billions of dollars and tons of effort every year to converting Jews. 63 years after seven out of every ten Jews in Europe went up in flames, there are nary 14 million of us. Every year, thousands of unaffiliated Jews cross lines that their grandparents and ancestor would have prefered to die for rather than cross, and accept Christianity. In fact, 25% of American Jews are identified with some form of Christianity. This, coupled with an enormous assimilation and intermarriage rate, is one of the chief reasons why American Jewry is predicted to be extinct by the end of this century. Messianic and Evangelical Christianity has as an ultimate goal the destruction of Judaism and the elimination of the Jewish people through assimilation. That makes every single missionary pamphlet, "christ in the Passover" seminar or Christians United for Israel rally, a deadly weapon working towards our demise. The billions of dollars of Christian aid and support in Israel have reaped their deadly effects. Over a hundred Messianic congregations sadly fill up their pews in Israel. Christian lawyers now push for the rights of apostate Jews to make aliyah. Christian televangelists publically accused Jews of blood libel without a shred of evidence. All of this is in an attempt to dillute the Jewish nature and character of Israel, and to gain a foothold in the Land to be used during Armageddon, when the unrepentant Jews will be thrown into Hell. Christian pressure prevents Israel from passing a sane anti-missionary bill.

Evangelical Christians pose as Israel's greatest friend but they sow spiritual destruction on Jews. They hate and ridicule Judaism and teach that it is worthless unless Jews throw it away and accept Christianity. Because of their repeated attempts at converting us, the Jewish people is shrinking. It is time to say loud and clear to our Christian "friends" that any support of Israel comes with the condition of respect for our Jewish faith.


The Frank Family said...


Jeffrey Levine said...

I have been saying this for over 10 years, but never as eloquently as you have here.

Obviously the "Frank family" are idiots!

Messianic Jews are Christians, pure and simple. In fact most members of these congregations are Christians, and have never been Jewish. They have no claim as apostates.

The Jewish people must resist all attempts to legitimize these devils.

The Frank Family said...

jeffrey -- you are free to call me names and ridicule me but NEVER speak ill of my family.

Safiyyah said...

Shaalom BK:

Pastor John Hagee is one such Christian pastor who has even fooled many Jews and Israelis. Like you said, the problem is when the "Rapture" occurs, those Jews who do not accept Jesus will go to the Hellfire according to these groups. In US politics, Hagee and his bunch have caused controversy and it has made its way into the US primary race. Republication John McCain actively sought Hagee's endorsement to attract the Christian Right vote.

Frank Family: if you are in the US, you will recognize these groups BK is writing about to be the very ones involved in the US primary as I have noted above.

Also, I do not agree that name-calling has any places in intellegent blog conversations. How else can people learn?

Safiyyah said...

I mean that name-calling has no place - I do not agree with name calling - sorry

link to Hagee:

Bar Kochba said...

Safiyyah, don't think that I'm giving Islam a free pass either. I have a lot to say about "the Religion of Peace" (tm) also. Jews don't fare so well in Islam's End of Days scenario. Just look at the Sahi Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177.

I'd like to post a bit on Islam's messianic claims and how they don't stack up according to the Torah. I'd enjoy a good debate on that--- if you're up to it, of course.

The Frank Family said...

I agree with you on John Hagee. He would be in my book labeled a wolf in sheep's clothing. I disagree on the idea that John McCain SOUGHT his endorsement. McCain made it clear from the start that Hagee endorsed him and not that he endorsed Hagee. The problem I have with this particular post is that it is entirely lies and half-truths when it comes to individuals like myself. Christianity is so broad and encompasses so many millions of people who would claim that they are christians that you could find a "christian" that fit everything said in this post although this post in no way categorizes the majority of Christianity.

Safiyyah said...

Shaalom BK:

I know you're not giving Islam a pass, but I am responding to the topic of this one, lol.

Of course. I always enjoy a respectful debate. I think it's a great way to learn and to communicate with others. Respectful debate is the key.

Ralph said...

JL said...
"Messianic Jews are Christians,..."

and I disagree with your terminology. Messianic Jews are, like their counterparts in the mainstream, pseudo Christians. Why not call them for what they are? If you were to examine their beliefs in detail you would find that many of those beliefs are not founded in scripture and this verse from the AKJ "Luk 6:46 And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" still holds true today.
In any event, I would not think of them as devils, simply as misguided individuals.
Perhaps you could try and persuade them that they are.

Tabatha said...

Well said!

It is truly alarming how many people believe that the Christian evangelists posing as Messianic 'jews' are Jewish. They are not. Over 90% of Messianics have **never** BEEN Jewish at ANY point in their lives.

Right now, across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, Messianics are spending literally billions on convincing both Jews and non Jews that 'real jews worship christ'. And they have developed an array of arguments to fool people into taking them seriously.

Go and look on Amazon for their publication entitled 'The Complete Jewish Bible'.
In fact, it is not remotely Jewish - it's the 'new' testament, the Christian scriptures. But the author, a Messianic preacher, has given it a Hebrew name, 'brit chadasha' (in English, 'new testament') and every day well meaning non Jews are BUYING this book and BELIEVING it represents Judaism.

In London, 'jews4jesus', the most aggressive of the Messianic groups is actively targetting teenagers for conversion to Christianity, by posing as Orthodox 'jews' and then insisting 'you can worship jesus and remain jewish!'

The number of Jews is decreasing.
The number of Messianics/Christian evangelists is INcreasing.

Anyone who is interested in reading more about what Messianics are doing, check out my article at, entitled 'The Missionary Position'
(I do hope the author of this blog won't mind me adding this link? I'm just getting rather frantic about trying to spread the word warning about Messianics...!)

Simply put: Messianics want the same thing the Nazis wanted - the eradication of Judaism. Sure, Messianics claim to do it out of 'love' but the result would be the same. No more Jews.

Pamela Schuffert said...

"IT is OUR DUTY TO ERADICATE THEM..." If this is your position, then I am sure you will approve of what my years of research on the NOAHIDE LAWS has uncovered. Indeed, a worldwide program to "ERADICATE THEM" permanently, using the millions of modern military GUILLOTINES I have documented in many of our US military bases, whose sole purpose is to BEHEAD GENTILE CHRISTIAN OFFENDERS of the NOAHIDE LAWS under the provision of EXECUTION for "IDOLATRY" and "BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD" which Judaism traditionally considers Christians guilty of.Don't worry, dear. The NWO PLAN to "eradicate them" has long been in the process covertly, and soon you will get your chance on our tender Christian missionary necks. -Shalom in Yahshua MY Mashiach in spite of the Noahide laws guillotines, Pamela;article=122680

Timothy said...


Many Jewish people reject the Noahide Law and any oppression against any human being. You need to realize that.

By Timothy

Anonymous said...

hmm freedom of expression uh?

well here goes my fifty cents!

Are you sure you are Jew? by belief or by blood?
What is truly a Jew? How many branches of Judaism exist and which one are you defending?
Is there a physical characteristic that makes a Jew?
what about Chinese Jews, mestizo Jews (from Sephardic origins), etc?

What makes a Jew?

SO because you were born in this country does it make you a true American since the only true Americans are the native indians who lived in this continent before you and other foreigners came!!! You are a stranger squatting on a foreign land (just like part of my ancestors did) !!!

It is people like you who are unhappy with yourselves that instigate hate! but if that makes you happpy I would only encourage to know facts about other religions and other Jewish ethnic groups!

In one thing we "might" agree you and I that there is only one true G-d!

Understand the facts and learn to make a valid argument without being hateful and disrespectful. Stop whining and do something PRODUCTIVE"

Anonymous said...

My view is that "Christianity" as we know it today is a perversion of the original followers of Yeshua/Jesus. If you ever read the "New Testament" you will be surprised how Jewish it is. The original followers/church were Jewish and would have been seen as a sect of Judaism. But once the gentiles grew to majority.....they began distancing themselves from the roots of the faith and eventually began twisting their own version of the faith by mixing in pagan influences. Messianics are simply trying to return to the original Jewish faith lived by Yeshua/Jesus and his followers.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Messianics and mainstream Jews is that they beleive Jesus to be the Messiah. Jesus and his disciples were Jews who kept and taught Torah so why is it seen as a wrong for believers in Jesus to keep and teach Torah just like he did? As to whether Messianics are Jews or Christians that really depends on how you're defining those words. Would you say that the 1st century Netzarim believers of Jesus who kept and taught Torah and identified with the Jewish people were Jews or Christians?

Anonymous said...

Why is it seen as wrong and deceiving for believers in Jesus to keep and teach Torah when Jesus and his disciples did the same?

Michael Cuber said...

The argument that Orthodox Jews use against Messianic Jews, hinges on the denial that followers of Yeshua were, are, a sect of Judaism. It is now being suggested that Christianity was a Roman construct, or like the anti-messianic now like to profess, Israel was never looking for a Meshiach.
In the arguments against Yeshua as the Meshiach, I've never heard any mention, or explanation, for the existence of the Coptic Church of Ethiopia.
Here you have a sect of Judaism (DNA research proves Semitic ancestry frequently) which was both, waiting for, and eagerly accepted Yeshua as Ha Meshiach.
Before the infiltration of Jesuits in the 1500, the Coptics practiced a form of Judaism, and kept Kashroot, Shabat (some still), and accepted Yeshua as the Meshiach.
They had no problem accepting Yeshua as the fulfillment of Tanach!
Yeshua was a Jew, and all the varied colors of Christianity with the pagan encrustion that the Church later heaped upon itself, began as a sect of Judaism. The argument once you get to this point, comes down to your choice of accepting Him, or not!
I pray that you do consider Him in light of scripture, and for yourselves, and not out of compulsion from anyone.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said clearly in a parable what he will do to the Jews: But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.'” Luke 19:27

Look at Gills exposition of this verse:
But those mine enemies,…. Meaning particularly the Jews, who were enemies to the person of Christ, and hated and rejected him, as the King Messiah; and rebelled against him, and would not submit to his government; and were enemies to his people, and were exceeding mad against them, and persecuted them; and to his Gospel, and the distinguishing truths of it, and to his ordinances, which they rejected against themselves:…

Now would you wonder why Hitler had not difficulty to kill those enemy of their lord Jesus! Maybe, when the read those passages, they only thought that they are offering a service to god!

Look what they actually accuse the Jews, and behold they are doing the same and worst (inquisition, WWII, etc.)
They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. John 16:2

Emet Tzedek said...

I'm Messianic and I love the Jewish people.

Emet Tzedek said...

I'm Messianic and I love the Jewish people.

Anonymous said...

Judaism means no proxies just HaShem. No sons no siblings no in-laws. Just HaShem. Whatever else will be severely punished by Eloheinu. Bearers of other religions or pagans will survive but those who have besmeared Abrahamic monotheism with mockery will end up in Sheol. Period